Classical Variations

Written by on 16 October 2020

As they said in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “and now for something completely different”. Denis Shovlin’s Classical Variations is based on the former radio programme, “Your Hundred Best Tunes”, which was originally aired between 15 November 1959 – 21 January 2007.  It was a programme that had an indelible mark in my life listening to Allan Keith.  Anyone can see that Classical Variations is a play on the Enigma Variations based on different friends of Sir Edward Elgar with Nimrod as the theme tune.
Classical Variations as a programme covers music of the great masters like Handel, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the other great masters from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and modern periods known as classical music.
With the introduction of classical music hopefully will broaden the appeal regarding Stirling City Radio in its mission to provide broadcasting par excellence.

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